Verity & James – Godwick Great Barn Wedding

This, THIS is what I am talking about!!

Verity and James and their incredible families know what's up when it comes to a wedding! I mean really!

Where to start? These two legends got in touch back in the day, told me about their plans and we hit it off on the Skype call straight away. The next time we met was on a boat. Specifically the Albatros in Wells. We had a couple of pints, talked weddings and laughed heaps in the sunshine!

Godwick Wedding

Fast forward to the wedding day. I arrived at Godwick with the sun melting my face and the joys of the day lay ahead. Verity and James got ready, with their bridal party and family together in the stunning house at Godwick. So many laughs and lovely little moments. I experienced the oddest first meeting EVER! Those who know, know!! Cheers James!

Once everyone was ready Verity headed down to see James and had the sweetest first look. Everyone joined in afterwards and we strolled out to the front garden for some family photos before heading to the Barn for the ceremony.

The family took the tractor, which came back for Verity. I jumped in a passing guests van and James gave his best man a seaty to the venue on an awesome little bike!

The sun beamed for the ceremony and Verity and James enjoyed one of the nicest ceremonies I have seen. Gorgeous light, a warm breeze and a garden full of happy smiling guests! Confetti was thrown, everyone got themselves a drink and good vibes followed.

We headed out in my golf for a little jaunt to the fields and the entrance to Godwick. They were full of barley/wheat, I can't remember which. Anyway, James took the lead in the field and made sure the laughter didn't stop. 15 minutes away from the noise is always good for the soul!

DIY like you've never seen

Now, to say the Verity and James are 'stylish' would be something of an understatement. They are, in fact, cool AF and holy shit snacks would you take a look at the styling in the venue! All of which was handmade by either Verity, James or some other wonderful human at this wedding! Verity's sister did the incredible flowers too!! I mean come on! All the style skills!

Party Time

So the drinks flowed, including some home-brewed beer, (which was super tasty) and the entire bridal party ended up messing about in fields and playing dinosaurs! Yep, Dinosaurs. I don't know why but you'll see. Anyway, the sun set, the music started and the party took hold of everybody! One hell of a day and night!





If you want to see what Verity and James thought of their wedding day, the fab Whimsical Wonderland Weddings has featured it on their stunning blog. Check it out here.


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