Amie & Robbie – Fishley Hall Wedding

It's been a while since I have blogged and I am sorry. I have been mega busy with my little boy, a website, photos of awesome people and trying not to die in this heat! I am happy to say I am surviving as only a ginger can...with gallons of suncream and regular wild swims! Now, I'm back and with one hell of a wedding...a Fishley Hall Wedding no less!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something like that. So with that in mind get your peepers around this absolute corker of a wedding! Firstly, Amie and Robbie are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. They are real, honest, warm, loving, happy, gorgeous people and I am so chuffed to have shot their day! Secondly, they know how to throw a wedding. The style that oooooozed from this wedding is unreal. Amazing suppliers, incredible location and a super eye for the deets meant this was always gonna look amazing! Fishley hall was the setting. What a place, Norfolk farmhouse with mega style around every corner. The house is like something out of a magazine and the barn is a creative's dream.

Fishley Hall Wedding

Amie got ready in the house with her pals. Paris and Jemima rocking the Makeup and Minnie Moonshine killing the floral collars! What a super group this lot were! All happy and laughing and dancing, such a joy to shoot. Once ready, Amie made her way to meet Robbie in the conservatory to be married! Debbie from Amber's Rose took care of the flowers throughout the venue and the place looked incredible! Walking down the aisle with her Dad, Amie met Robbie under a floral hoop and they were married. After the ceremony, it was straight outside for drinks and fun in the sun!

Food was served and speeches were made between courses. I loved this as it made each speech special and my goodness me, did these lot know how to do a speech. Words packed with meaning, laughter and emotion left the floor cheering, crying and howling with laughter. Great speeches!! Amie, Robbie, the bridal party and I went for a wander through the fields for some photo time and on the way back we stumbled upon a tractor and well, you'll see. Absolute madness and heaps of fun messing about with awesome people. As the sun set, we all strolled back to kick it on the dancefloor! This party did NOT disappoint, take a look for yourself and leave the couple some love in the comments!

Hope you enjoy! Amie and Robbie, you legends! Heaps of love your way! Mwah!!

Amazing Suppliers!

Cake - Topless Baker

Dress - Elm Hill Brides

Make up - Jemima Paris

Venue - Fishley Hall

Styling - Lullaby Inc

Flowers - Amber's Rose

Food - The Flying Cockerel

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