Becky & Tommy – Waxham Barn Wedding

The day started with me arriving at a cottage on the Norfolk coast to meet Becky and her girls! They were in fine spirit and enjoying a super chilled morning of make-up, ribbons, flowers and booze! (The flowers, by the incredible Rambling Rose Florist.) Standard bridal prep stuff ya know! The morning flew and before I knew it Becky's surprise transport turned up in the shape of a VW Camper. Nice little touch indeed!

Waxham Barn Wedding

Becky arrived with her bridal party and a stunningly colourful ceremony began. Multi-coloured ribbons hanged from beams and lanterns, balloons and bunting kept everyone's eyes leaping around the room. Becky and Tommy were married and rapturous applause rang around the room.

Walking out into the baking sunshine everyone enjoyed cool beers and tequilas, we then did a couple of group shots. Becky threw her flowers to a huge crowd and I nearly fell off some scaffolding! WINNING! A huge Mexican feast, more Tequilas and some mega speeches followed and then the bridal party and I went to the beach!

Skinny dipping?

Yep, you read that correctly. On the way to the beach, I told a story about how I always end up in the sea when I am at Sea Palling. This got the topic of a potential swim up. Other people within the party were known for their willingness for nakedness (Bobby) and with that, half of the bridal party ended up in the sea. Naked, in the sea, in the beautifully warm summer sun.

Yours truly remained professional with his boxers half on and well, an epic little half hour of prosecco fueled madness was enjoyed.

A wonderfully helpful family of campers provided some fresh towels for people. Everyone got dressed, thanks were given and so we all headed back to PARTY!! The Collective kicked in and we all partied into the night. Nothing better than a good old knees up on the Norfolk Coast with good pals eh! Take a good look at these and then share with your pals. Xx


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