Becky & Mark – Cambridgeshire Weddings

This is more of a people appreciation post rather than a wedding blog. I often write some stuff about weddings here and then post some images below. I'm gonna post the images below but instead of wedding chat, I want to tell you just how fucking brilliant these two are! Not only these two but their friendship group too. Becky and Mark, you're top stuff. You're two of the funniest, kind, most encouraging, generous, supportive, piss-taking humans I've had the pleasure of meeting! All the time I have spent with you has been a treat, you are too good at bar stool peer pressure and I can't wait for the next wedding. Oh also, it helps that you and your friendship group have financed my life for the last two years but still, you're tops! x

So I guess I better add some context to these frames. Mark and Becky had two weddings (greedy much) the first was in Covid Times, the second most certainly not in Covid times. Both were ace, one was carnage! Look out for the sight of me getting tackled on a bouncy castle and then subsequently yeeted off it. Big fun! x

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