Emily & Craig – Wilderness Reserve Wedding

Winter weddings have a certain thing about them which makes them special. I can never really put my finger on what it is but here goes. The light, gotta start with the light, it's magic! There isn't much in terms of daylight but the light that is there has some ethereal quality to it. Early mornings are crisp and cold, the daytime sun is diffused by the water in the air and so takes on a softer glow. Then there's this mad, twilight blue hour in which the sky turns all shades of pastel and the moon shines bright! Honestly, all that paired with the fact Christmas is usually close by is all the reason you need to love winter weddings. Oh, and the cozy fires, the candle-lit dinners the endless champagne and mulled wine, the FOOD!! It's all magic and I love it! Emily and Craig decided to spend the weekend at The Wilderness Reserve and it was perfect!

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