Lake District Elopement

Esther and Rod - Lake District Elopement

Lakes District Elopement - Esther and Rod

Lake District Elopement

Any opportunity to return to the North gives me great joy. Even more so when I get to shoot with wonderful people in exquisite surroundings. Them people, fellow wedding photographer Esther Wild and her wonderful family. Those surroundings, The Lake District. This stunning Elopement of sorts was the perfect getaway into the hills. A really special day for Esther, Rod and their beautiful family.

I say elopement of sorts as Esther and Rod are already married. They were celebrating 10 years married and so, with their children along for the ride they decided to Elope/renew their vows/celebrate their anniversary all in one. Esther brought along some Norfolk Talent in the form of flowers by the incredible Swaffham Florist and a gorgeous cake from the wonderful Amber from Love Wedding Cakes.

I love the Mountains

I arrived and got settled into my home from home. This place always settles me, makes me feel again and after a packed summer, seeing my mountains again made me happy. I love the Mountains. I made myself a brew and then I checked in with Esther and Rod at their Cottage. We made plans for the following day and I returned to my place. The following morning I was met with the usual Lakeland weather and with a smile, I set off to meet Esther and co. We travelled in convoy to the shores of Wastwater, the deepest lake in England and one of my favourite swim spots!

Wastwater, the perfect swim spot.

Today was not a day for swimming though, it was quite cold. Today was a day for love, laughter, family and happiness. We walked, we laughed and skimmed stones. You have to skim stones when you’re at the lake right? The kids played on the shore and Esther and Rod watched on with love in their hearts. It was a beautiful start to the day. We made our way further down the lakeside toward the wonderfully quaint Wasdale Head Inn. Grabbing a quick bite to eat and a pint we chatted all about life and what not, you know, pub talk. What Esther and Rod didn’t know is that me and the kids were making up some vows for them to read by the lake on the way back.

We finished up and slowly strolled back toward the lake. As we were driving back we noticed a stream leading into the Lake and decided to stop. After a minute of umming and arrring, I decided to drag Esther and Rod into the middle of the stream onto some rocks. You know, anything for the shot right?! A short walk later and we were on some headland leading into the lake. The kids gave their Mum and Dad the vows me made and we held a mini-ceremony. Esther had made some petal confetti so the kids chucked that with all their might then it was time for champagne!

Herdy the Herdwick

This is where the day ended, on a real loving high. As Esther and her family made their way off the headland, the cloud had started to swirl around the mountain tops. This made for an awesome black and white shot packed to the rafter with atmosphere. An incredible end to a super cute day. There was even time for a little visit from the local Herdwicks on the way back to the car.

Anyway, this place and this shoot is just too beautiful for my amateurishsh ramblings. I’m gonna let the photos talk now. Let me know what you think in the comments! Xx

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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Lake District Elopement

Bella and Dexter - Lake District Adventure

Bella and Dexter

Lake District Engagement

Well, what can I say about this?

A little bit of backstory. I grew up in Lancashire and spent heaps of time in the Lake District with my family. I moved to Norfolk when I was a child and always looked back to the hills. They somehow make me feel peaceful and safe. Odd, I know, but nevertheless, this place is the one for me. No desert islands, no hot sunny beaches. Give me the fells and the lakes and the rivers any day.

I return to the Lake District as often as I can and with a set of books passed down to me by my late Grandfather, I explore. I made sure my wife loved the fells before I proposed to her. We climbed to the top of Helvellyn via Striding edge where I got down on one knee. Even our Son is named after my favourite mountain there. When my wedding competition winners, Bella and Dexter said they wanted to shoot their pre-wedding session in the Lakes I was stoked! Like ‘Dream come true’ stoked.

A Lake District Engagement shoot.

Enough of my ramblings, on with the shoot. Bella and Dexter met me in Langdale, a little piece of history and heaven wrapped up in one valley. History because of climbers and Everest and more on that here. Heaven because, well, you’ll see below and also in my next post. Bella and Dexter met me in the Old Dungeon Ghyll climber bar. We chatted through their wedding, had some lovely beer and sorted a route to walk for their photos.

After beers and lot of laughs/wedding chat, we hopped in my car and made our way up a small pass to Blea Tarn. This is a gorgeous spot, a small, wild Tarn flanked by fells with a very famous view. We parked up and made for the water. There and back again with a wander on the hills and that was that. I wish I could shoot up here more, it’s a home from home and an incredible place to be and I am beyond grateful my job allows me such adventures.

I am not an academic man and my writing skills are ropey at best so I will leave you with the photos. If you want to read a thorough and infinitely more charming account of this place, Wainwright is your man. In the meantime, enjoy the view.

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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