Fabulous Fantastically Talented Legend!

We came across Josh after seeing some amazing atmospheric photographs of an old school friend’s wedding shared on social media. We instantly admired his photography and knew we needed to arrange to meet him.

So, it all began in the Urban Jungle café. Josh has a way of making you feel as though you’ve been old friends for a long time when actually you’ve only just met. His warm and welcoming northern self-made us feel totally comfortable, which, for both of us was a huge deal! We knew we didn’t want a super formal photographer who specialised in staged shots, so when Josh described his work to us, it filled us with excitement and we just smiled at each other and knew we’d found our wedding photographer. I loved that he was excited by our ideas and was willing to listen and collaborate with us. His eyes lit up when we used words and phrases like SPONTANEOUS, RELAXED, NATURAL and ‘let’s just go with it’!

Our engagement shoot was MAGIC! We had to be patient due to the freak weather on our first attempt but the wait was TOTALLY worth it! We knew we wanted to be photographed by the beach. We told Josh that we were going to bring our BIG kites and he just went with it. The thing is, Josh will completely embrace and make the most of the moment. The day of the shoot, we had incredible light, it was warm, and we were willing, so, we all ended up in the sea. The results of that decision are just insane and we truly still can’t believe that he managed to capture us in such an intense but natural way. We were blown away!

If that wasn’t enough, we still had our wedding to come! We gave Josh a very open idea of the selected photos we definitely needed to capture for the family and we totally trusted him to document our wedding. Our day undoubtedly felt amazing and the moments Josh captured ranged from incredibly special and intimate moments between ourselves, our family and friends to fancy dress carnage on the dance floor.

If you are looking for a photographer that moulds to your day but totally brings his own fun, carefree but professional personality to the party, then this is your man. Everyone has said how brilliant Josh was at the wedding, he was certainly a BIG art of our wedding day and we absolutely LOVED the final selection of photos. We received our special package this week accompanied by HARIBO’s (my husband’s proposal choice). Josh picks up on every slight detail and makes your day feel completely unique and personal. He won’t just turn up on your wedding day and that’s it, he is the whole package. We cannot recommend Josh enough! He’s a FABULOUSLY FANTASTICALLY TALENTED LEGEND! BOOK HIM NOW!!!

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