Book Josh immediately!

Choosing a photographer was tough! It was a big chunk of our budget and you have no idea what the results will be we spent an age looking for photographers whose photos we loved and Josh's stood out from the crowd.

We had a tiny wedding (9 guests!) and so were feeling apprehensive about having a stranger along to photograph us when we hadn't even invited our closest friends. But we needn't have worried. One of the reasons we chose Josh (aside from his amazing photos) was because he seemed like a really nice guy who enjoyed a chat over a pint and loved the outdoors, just like us. Josh made an effort to get to know us, even though we were planning the wedding from overseas, with a Skype call, emails and a pint the week before the wedding so he could meet us in person.

Hiring Josh turned out to be one of the best wedding related choices we made.

Josh made everyone feel at ease, chatting to us all, but also knowing when to step back. His documentary style meant very little staging, so we could just get on with having an amazing day whilst he did his thing.

The results were stunning. As we werent inviting lots of people it was important to us to have a record of the day to share with others. Every single person we've shown them to has been blown away. Even my father in law, not known for his effusiveness, cannot stop banging on about how great they are.

We're so glad we took the plunge and hired Josh. His beautiful shots capture the atmosphere of such a magical day and we will treasure them forever.

For anyone reading this and trying to make that tough decision; just book Josh now, you won't regret it!

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