Amy and Lee - Woodland Barn Wedding

Where should I start with this amazing Woodlands Barn Wedding? Perhaps I should give you some backstory. Amy and I grew up in the same village and we went to primary school together and then on to the same high school. We have been friends for years and so, I was over the moon when she asked me to be the photographer for her big day.

She lives ages away now, so when she made a trip back to Norfolk we met to talk weddings. It was lovely to catch up and after hearing her plans I was excited to shoot her day.

Beautiful Norfolk Wedding

Amy’s wedding day arrived and her and Lee were to get ready next door to each other. Amy in her childhood home and Lee at the neighbours. I was told prior to the day that there was a school photo of mine and Amy’s class on her hallway wall. As I walked into her home I was met with the morning guests, many of them greeting me with; ‘Ahhh, so you must be Josh, the one on the wall’. See, I was a bit of a mischievous young boy and so I had something of a reputation to shake. Side note, I am still a little mischevious, I find it helps with the photos you see. On with the wedding!

As the morning went on Amy and her bridesmaids got ready in the conservatory with Ellie and Michelle taking care of hair and Make-up on behalf of Amanda Steed. I moved between the Bridesmaids and the groomsmen acting as photographer and spy. Keeping an eye on timings and drinks and gifts. It was really lovely to see Amy getting ready to marry the love of her life. In her childhood home with her best pals and family all around her. Everyone was ready to go and Amy, looking beautiful walked out into the lounge to the smiling faces of her friends and her mum and dad looking on with pride.

Woodlands Barn Wedding

On to the church, a secluded little village church on the river ant. The family church and the perfect place for this wedding. All Amy and Lee’s family and friends were gathered and we were ready to go. Confetti followed what was a beautiful ceremony full of warmth and love and then Amy, Lee and I went for a ride on a boat. A pretty awesome boat too. I usually get on the river in my trusty kayak but it’s always nice to enjoy a bit of luxury!

I sped off to the venue once we moored. As I arrived at Woodlands Barn all the wedding guests were enjoying drinks and nibbles in the beautiful gardens. There was something of a harry potter theme going on too and the barn looked wonderful. I love these weddings you know! Loadsa people all happy in each others company eating great food and having a drink together. A nice chilled day this one! Well, it was until the music started.

Paul Allen started things going, there was a beautiful first dance and then it was time for a party. The bridal party followed me to the fields for some portraits before it really kicked into dance time. When we got back everyone was on the dancefloor. What a great night. Even better to see a very good friend get married and have the best time ever! Check this day out and show Amy and Lee some love in the comments! Xx

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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