So so much more than we could ever hope for!

Ok so it's taken me too long to write this and it might actually make me a bit emoshe...Josh has been just beyond fantastic. We first met him way back in the early stages of our wedding planning and to be honest he was the one and only thing we decided on for our wedding and stuck with! We changed our minds A LOT (soz again Josh) for a number of reasons but the one element that we never questioned was having Josh involved. From our first email exchange (including some childish quips about 'packages') right up to now, our wedding being two months ago nearly, we were and are absolutely sure we picked the best photographer for us. Josh is kind, down to earth, funny, warm and some how manages to remain exceptionally professional whilst at the same time feeling like your best mate too. As people who are super uncomfortable in front of the camera he made us relaxed, chilled and to be honest we didn't even really notice him taking pictures on the day but OMG did he get some amazing shots. We love them, all of them, and so do our friends and family. They are a wonderful representation of not just us but our family and of what was a really fantastic, love and family filled day. My husband and I said a few times that without Josh we don't think the whole thing would have run so smoothly and we are so very grateful to him for all the support, help, inappropriate humour and of course incredible photos of the day. We both feel we have gained not only wonderful memories but also a fantastic friend, and we both would like to thank him so much. If you are hovering over whether to book then just bloody do it, you won't regret it. He's the man. THANK YOU JOSH!

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