Just book him!!

We don't really know where to start with this review as there are so so many positives! Josh completely captured the vibe of our wedding and our personalities in each and every single one of our wedding photos. We really feel like we are back there in the swing of it when we look back over our photos, which is so lovely. We aren't particularly comfortable with having our photo taken, so were quite worried when starting this process that our photos may look a bit staged or awkward. Josh put us totally at ease, and his laid back style meant we barely even knew he was photographing us half the time! Which resulted in the most fun, relaxed and genuine photos that totally showed off the real us. We are truly thankful for creating these amazing photos- and documenting some amazing memories that will stay with us forever. He was an absolute joy to meet and work along with, and we truly feel like we have not just gained a mega photo album, but gained a mate too.

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