This man is Amazing!!

This man is amazing!! When we entered his competition we didn’t think any of it, then found out we won we couldn’t believe it! We couldn’t honestly think of anyone better to shoot our wedding than him!

Joshua has always made us feel at ease throughout the whole wedding and engagement shoot process,nothing but laughs and being ourselves!

Throughout our engagement shoot it was more like 3 people having laughs and jokes as friends rather than a shoot!

Myself as a person I am not a confident person and myself as a bride I never thought I looked good enough even on the day but Joshua put me at ease and told me to enjoy the day and forget what others think!

We couldn’t believe how many people asked if Joshua was a guest at the wedding! Clearly he was a guest 🙂

So much laughter and so much smiles he brought to us all!

We really could go on and on. We have a friend and photographer for life! 🙂

He truly captured the happiest moments in our life!

Thank you so much for all you have done for us!

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