Phoebe & Connor – Intimate City Wedding

Ahhhh COVID, ya massive chore! Safe to say I'm not a fan of all this and I'm feeling for you guys out there! The whole debacle has cast a large shadow over this wonderful world of weddings but I have a little shining beacon of light to share with you today!

These two absolute beauts are not only awesome clients of mine they are also incredible wedding and event caterers. You can check their stuff out HERE! They postponed their wedding but decided to get married this year as they had planned and did so in the cutest way! Married with witnesses, a meal with family, champagne in the fine city then off for a Michelin starred meal in the big city! Pretty sweet right!?

Anyway, they invited me along for a little bit of their day and we had a blast! I love this city and I love these intimate celebrations. There's all the time in the world for a big knees up but If you want to get married to the love of your life this is a pretty amazing way to do it! Get in touch to talk through your plans, however big or small, there's always time for LOVE!


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