Joshua Patrick

Hi, I’m Josh. I take photos at weddings.

I’m a little bit ginger, a little bit Northern and I absolutely love taking photos of people in love and people having an awesome time. I was born in Lancashire and currently live in Norwich. My incredible wife and my equally amazing little boy are my driving force. Everything I do is powered by them and the love I have for them. They inspire me to capture the love and awesome emotion in all the weddings I shoot. I have a kick ass Black Lab called Willow who comes on most adventures with me.

I take great photographic inspiration from nature and I love the world we live in. I’m a bit of a nature boy to be honest, wild swimming my way through Norfolk and climbing mountains whenever I get the chance. I love beachy days and messing about in my kayak and getting out into the wild whenever I can. Whenever possible I like to incorporate the landscape into my work.

I took to wedding photography after years of being a chef. Falling in love with wedding photography after watching the happiness and joy at my own wedding. I knew that I wanted to document that day for others. I still LOVE food and cook loads at home, it’s a huge part of family life. So I guess if you love a bit of nature, and you like your food then we’d be a perfect fit! Give us a shout to book your wedding photography.