Ash and Lexi - Norfolk Garden Wedding

Ash and Lexi held an amazing Norfolk Garden Wedding at their family home. What can I tell you about these two? Well, one thing’s for sure; they know how to throw one hell of a party! Bar dancing, champagne swigging, wakeboard waving, pole dancing AWESOMENESS! It didn’t all start like that, well not entirely, It began with, champagne and lots of laughs!

I arrived at Ash and Lexi’s home, to begin a little bridal prep. The main venue, where Ash was getting ready was only up the road so I’d head there later. The girls were all in good spirits and the party vibe was apparent! A good start to a fab day! I met all the family (including the most beautiful doggos!) and started shooting. Gary from Thompson Granger Films arrived a short time into bridal prep, It’s always nice to work alongside awesome videographers. If you’re reading this and looking for a wedding film, give them a shout. The incredible Amanda Steed was also there to take care of Make-up and Hair. A short time later and after plenty of fun. I made my way to meet with Ash and his groomsmen for a quick blast of groom prep before heading back to the girls. More champagne and more laughs ensued and before we knew it, it was time to head to the church.

Norfolk Garden Wedding

The plan was for the Bridesmaids to walk the dogs up the aisle, back round to the back, drop the doggos off and then walk up the aisle again before Lexi made her way up. Well, you know what they say about working with children and animals. The vicar was probably one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside. He forgot his books, and read names wrong but by god did he pull it off with some style. He eventually found the right reading material on a website that god put together for this exact predicament. The ceremony was a stunner and ended with some kick-ass gospel music and then it was off to the pub for a quick pint.

Party Time!

After the pub, we took off to a secluded country lane, drank some golden champagne and messed about in a field. You know, the usual wedding afternoon stuff. This break in the day allowed for guests to get back to the garden so Ash and Lexi could arrive in style together! They arrived, people cheered and then it was time to drink, chat and eat until the band arrived! This Norfolk Garden wedding was about to really get going. There were some killer speeches and then we all ate! The band set up and played some of the best tunes I’ve heard played at a wedding! Like seriously, these lot were incredible and they managed to keep the dancefloor packed which is a photographers dream! They are called the Flyaways, Go check them out!! There’s no better way to finish off a wedding than with a dancefloor full of nutters showing off their moves! It also helps if there’s a great big marquee pole in the middle of it! You’ll see why!!

Ash and Lexi, thanks heaps for having me you absolute legends!! Reading this and want to book your big day? Fill in the contact form and get in touch! Xx

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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