Norfolk Adventure Session – Paula and Oliver

Let's have a catch-up before I show off this incredible Norfolk Adventure Session! You'll have probably seen me on Insta and bits and bobs on Facebook but I haven't blogged in a while. In all honesty, COVID has put the brakes on my usual summer activities. This is including most of my work, and it's been difficult to get into a good headspace to then get on here to write. I mean, I struggle to write anything coherent at the best of times so throw in a pandemic and it all goes to shit.

Anywaaaaaaay, here I am and honestly, I am happy to be here writing. As I sit, sipping coffee with the sun pouring in I am reminded of all the fun I have had this summer despite the lack of weddings. One main reason for this is my Adventure Sessions. I've been doing loads of them and I am stoked to see how so many of you are enjoying them. You lot and your support of my work keep me going with this career that I love and have missed this year. Smaller weddings are now going ahead and with a few in the pipeline, I cannot wait to share them with you. For now, I want to take you back to this scorching session with Paula and Oliver.

Norfolk Adventure Session

They booked an Adventure Session with me and my Film-making pal Tom Brown of Browns Films. We headed up to Overstrand, a stunning beach not far from Cromer. With the tide coming in, a gentle (like almost no) swell and sun beaming through a high haze we were in for a treat. I could try and write some clever stuff here but as mentioned I suck at it so I'll leave you with the photos. Take a scroll through this gorgeous shoot and if you want to have your very own Adventure Session just get in touch!

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