The snow has been falling, blowing and blocking my car in! Cabin fever is setting in and I am incredibly eager to head out and take photos. I am especially keen to shoot engagement sessions with all my lovely brides and grooms to be. The Beast from the East has had other ideas.

That being said, before the snow arrived I ordered and received a new addition to my equipment and it has only added to my excitement to get out there. I’ve been wanting this camera since it was announced and with wedding season around the corner, I thought what better time than now. I have also ordered some MagMod stuff and some new flashguns. I cannot wait for wedding season to kick off with Lisa and Philip next week! Anyway, after a few days with my new pal, the Canon 5D Mark4, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you lovely lot!

Canon 5D Mark 4Canon 5D Mark 4 FrontCanon 5D Mark 4 Back

Now, this camera has been out for a while now so I’m not going to ramble on about specs too much, you can find all the Canon 5DIV specs¬†here. Instead, I’m going to just chat a little bit about a couple of my favourite features and how they’re going to make me a happy boy. Firstly, I love that it has a touchscreen. It means easy peasy menu navigation and awesome quick focus point changing while using live view and video. I can swipe through images too which may seem normal in today’s smartphone age but its a cool little addition.

It shoots 4k video. WIN!

The beast from the east was not even a contender as this thing is weather sealed. This is a huge advantage when shooting weddings. I love to embrace the weather when shooting my weddings and so need a good hardy camera. This is hardy like Lakeland sheep!

The image quality is fire!! As mentioned, the weather has penned me in, I’ve not had much chance to get out into the world with it. However, I had a wonderful shoot with an amazing team just before the huge snowfall and I’d like to share a few shots of it. This shoot was for the incredible De’Ath Hospitality, there will be more on this later in the month but for now, here’s just a taste.

Get it? A TASTE! Hahahaha! Sorry, here are some shots! Enjoy!

Photograph of Norfolk fine food A platter of Norfolk Food Norfolk Food - A plate of Mackerel Norfolk Food photography Beautiful Norfolk Food


Also, I couldn’t help but head out into the garden with this little snowman!


Norfolk Family Photography Norfolk Family Photographer

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Big LOVE! Xx


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