Lorna + Martin  Norfolk Adventure Session

Sometimes, life throws you some lemons. Sometimes you try and make lemonade with said lemons and sometimes it just doesn’t bloody work. But sometimes…like this time, that turns out to be just what you needed. Lorna and Martin booked me a while back and we sorted out having a Norfolk Adventure session. What we decided was; Wild, windswept, atmospheric and awesome. So with that in mind, the North Norfolk coast was the destination for this shoot. Our first attempt included shit sea fog, a bank holiday no-show on availability in North Norfolk’s eateries and an odd experience in a Thai restaurant in the depths of Norfolk. Now, I am not saying this wasn’t mega fun, it was, but it wasn’t what we planned!! Food finished and ‘happy birthday’ sang to a stranger, we headed home.

Adventure session take two.

Take two on the shoot and the weather was most definitely in our favour. I picked them up and mentioned that as it was warm I would probably end up in the sea at some point during the shoot. Lorna grabbed some swim gear for her and Martin and we were off.

Lorna and Martin fly kites. Not like, little diamond ‘stuck in a tree’ kites but mega, ‘pull you off your feet and take you to France’ kites. After some good laughs and hair-raising (for me) moments, Lorna and Martin packed away the kites and wandered to the sea! An incredibly warm sun slowly began to fall beyond the horizon and we all mucked about on the beach and in the water. The tide was coming in and I could see it was getting deep enough for a swim. Lorna nipped off to get changed and Martin and I stood watching, waiting for the right time.

The sun finally fell and as it did the light hit the clouds in just the right way so as when you lay on the water facing the sky all that surrounds you is a pastel palette of pinks, yellows and warm blues and greens. I don’t know if there is a specific name for this effect but it only happens a few times a summer and I always race to the sea for a swim in this ethereal water. Luck had it that tonight I also got to shoot these two absolute legends enjoying it too! They both joined me in the water and well, you’ll see.

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