Lisa and Adam! Well, their day began with me arriving at and getting lost in Lisa’s Grandparent’s fishing lakes. I arrived and immediately got lost so on the phone straight away just to double check where I could park. I mean this place is amazing! Water everywhere, Tuscan style barns, more lakes and a bloody great big, home made (YES HOME MADE) suspension bridge! Hand built by Lisa’s Grandad! So cool!

Anyway, I met the girls and they were all getting ready for the day ahead. Giggles, hair straighteners, dresses and booze. A perfect start to wedding prep. I then met Lisa’s dad who is, in fact, the most camera-friendly man I’ve ever met. So happy to be photographed that It became quite the game trying to get him in any shot at all. Sarcasm aside I think I managed to get him on-side by the end of the night. Quite the achievement¬†considering.

Once the girls neared perfection, I got ready to make tracks to the church. Just waiting a little while to catch Lisa coming out to meet her friends in the garden, as the tears flowed, I took my shots and set off to meet Adam at the church! Taking a little detour to meet Lisa’s horse and get a couple of snaps before making my way to the church. I met a slightly nervous Adam at Edingthorpe and managed to grab a couple of frames before Lisa’s arrival.

Norfolk Wedding Photography

A Sweet ceremony later, Lisa and Adam strolled out of the church hand in hand ready to be showered in confetti in the gorgeous Norfolk sunshine. Lisa and Adam made their way back to the land of lakes and bridges and so the rest of us followed. A lovely way to make your way around together! We arrived and we all ate, drank and we were merry. The mid summer sunshine beating down on the lakes while we headed out for some fun and loving portraits. Crossing home-made bridges and wandering through sun-soaked fields. Lisa and Adam looked the perfect picture.

We finished the night with Fire!!

 Dancing, Dressing-up and 100 drunk people with FIRE!! The best end to a wedding if you ask me!! Enjoy! xx