Light at the end of the tunnel

Right, I’m not sure whats going on really. Things seem to be falling apart a little this year, jeeez 2020, sort your shit out will ya? A jam-packed, fun-filled year has been flipped on its head and I, along with lots of my pals, have had our livlihoods thrown into the mixer. It’s an uncertain time for sure but you know, we’re strong us lot arent we! Things are really difficult for a lot of people but looking around, I’m seeing a lot of light still in the world. In hard times the good in humans really shines through. We have to focus on this light and remember that times will come good again. We’ll be out there, partying with our loved ones again. Throwing out huge bear hugs, dancing and singing and giving it 100% with a new sense of what really matters. I think we’re in need of a little reminder of what we can all look forward to is in order! Take care of each other, stay safe and I’ll see you all on the other side!

With things being all crazy at the minute I am getting lots of 2020 weddings moving over to 2021, this is the same across the board. So it’s even more important that you get in touch and secure your fave suppliers. Hit this Contact form up and let me know what your plans are. Let’s get to looking forward to your kick-ass wedding! If you want to check out some of my fave suppliers just click here to explore the best in Norfolk and beyond. Stay safe! Xx

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