Jen and Rob - North Norfolk Adventures

The weather. It is, at times, a frustrating beast. It can squash the very best of plans as a photographer but we learn to use all weathers to our advantage. Grey is easy, nice flat light. Bright sunshine is good, great in fact. Especially for striking, contrasting portraits in the city amongst architecture and shadow. Golden, evening light is the one, it creates so much, it’s what photographers live for. So with light grey skies above the North Norfolk coast and a sea haze looking imminent, I looked for light at Holkham.

Holkham Wedding Photographer

I met Jen and Rob at a local pub for a drink and a catch up before their shoot. We talked through plans for their beautiful Norfolk Mead wedding later this year. After a gin or two, we all made our way to the beach. Arriving under calm but grey conditions we walked toward the forest that lines the entrance. I figured we’d spend some time playing rounders with pine cones and stick whilst I wait for some light to peep through the grey. Laughs and giggles carried through the pines and as I thought about the warm summer ahead I tuned to see the sun glimmering through the clouds. A good sign of things to come.

As I mentioned, the weather can be a little testing at times but I am secretly glad of that. It gives one the chance to witness nature. As we had been walking in the woods, storm clouds had begun to form inland and the light clouds and haze over the sea began to melt away allowing the sun full reign over the sky. It lit up the beach and cast a deep blue colour onto the stormy clouds. Warmth to the west, storms to the east and a milky, dreamlike light out to sea. A glorious evening for Jen and Rob to spend on the beach!

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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