In this day and age, digital is it! It’s the thing. It’s convenient, quick and I LOVE it but…before digital I fell in love with paper. OK, so not paper but Art on paper. As a kid, all I did was draw and paint and feel compelled to record how I saw the world. It led to me being a photographer, I still paint and draw now but my passion lies in photography. I think having something real to touch and look at is important. Seeing your images on a computer is great but with a Wedding Album, you get to see your day in a handcrafted, unbelievably gorgeous book made with love. There’s the added bonus of having an analogue copy of your images. It’s a backup that lasts a lifetime and a stunning back up at that.

Wedding Album

When I say wedding Album, I don’t mean them floppy old books with cling film everywhere. I mean amazing, beautiful Art! Every album is handcrafted with the highest quality, eco-friendly materials and care to showcase your incredible day in all its beauty. I work with you every step of the way in the design of your Album. From the choice of paper to the cover colours and materials. An Album is designed to tell the story of you and your wedding day. Each photo is carefully chosen and placed within pages that create a natural flow through your day. These Albums are created with you in mind. I work to make sure your day is showcased in the right way, so once designed, proofs are sent to you for approval. Once approved, your book is sent to be made by some amazingly talented people!

Wedding Album Wedding Album

These Albums are a real investment. So unique and made with love, something you can show to your grandkids. So if you want to save your photos in the best way then let me know and we can get creating your new favourite thing! Albums start at £375