Tori & Gryph – Henham Park Wedding

What a couple of legends these two are. Tori and Gryph, G&T, whatever you call 'em they remain two of the coolest people I've ever met. We got together and chatted plans and after about 5 mins I was absolutely sold on all their ideas! This was gonna be amazing!

Constable Country Adventures

G&T wanted an Adventure shoot and we arranged a really cool afternoon of stuff. First, we hired a rowing boat in the middle of beautiful Constable country. This was a bit of a rush job as we arrived a little close to closing time. Anyway up the river we went and had a proper laugh, like Kenneth Grahame said: "There's nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." Our short trip came to an end and we wandered along the river bank for a while. Heaps of laughing, all the smiles, and even some chat about a swim. The weather wasn't particularly great but not cold and so, being in Constable country and always wanting a swim at the famous Hay Wain we all headed that way. Arriving, it looked gorgeous and so I immediately took off my trousers and got in. G&T followed and we had a swim swam about. Honestly, there's nothing better! We got dressed and headed for some food! This is why Adventure sessions are awesome. Not just having your photo taken for an hour looking daft in a field. An actual mini adventure with organic happenings and heaps of joy.

Gorgeous Henham Park Wedding

These intoxicating, happy vibes carried on as soon as I arrived at Henham Barns on the wedding day. Gryph and his groomsmen, were in the barn adding some finishing touches to a couple of bits and bobs interlacing this DIY sesh with games of Frisbee in the rain. Tori and her girls were in the house sipping champs and getting ready. I always like it when my couples get ready pretty close together. Tori upstairs and Gryph downstairs with everyone just enjoying the morning in between. There's no better way to start your wedding. I got a nice surprise when I saw that the knife to cut the cake was made by Gryph's brother. Way back when, I used to be a chef and I always had the best knives. These stunning creations were something special. I will be ordering one soon.

Super Stylish Suffolk Wedding

The ceremony was well nice! Sublime light pouring in one side of this room, casting subtle illumination on Tori as she walked up the aisle following on from Gryph who walked up with his mum. A nice little touch and something I hope to see more of in 2020. The ceremony over it was outside for signature cocktails and some time for cuddles with loved ones and laughter with pals. There was some confetti, decent tunes and then time for food. In perfect G&T style these two danced their way into a gorgeous Italian style feast on long tables exquisitely styled by Tori and her team! They ate then they spoke. Speeches were beautiful, moving the room to a rapturous applause and finishing just in time to catch the last of the sun and the cooling twilight. G&T jumped into a little Italian auto and we raced off into the countryside taking in the sunset and the moon rise before heading back to PARTY! There may have been lots of party's on that night but there was only one worth bothering with and it was this one! A standout pair of incredible humans leading their guests into a night of revelry and joyful celebration. Real love this guys! Take it in. ENJOY!

Dress - The Bridal Lounge

Flowers - The Southwold Flower Co.

Hair Styling - C L Lydford

Make-up - Victoria Bradfield

Unreal Cake - Amelie's Kitchen

Venue - Henham Park

Other Awesome People - The Wedding Planners - Dreamwave Events - Hot Sausage Company 

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