For the Artists!

Content! I am beginning to despise the word! What we create and who we are should be more than just content! We are scrolling, and we are seeing heaps of images on a daily basis. We sit and we scroll and we rarely stop in our tracks, unless of course, we see something awesome! Something so much more than Content. So, this is what I do! I want to showcase your creations and your businesses and your artistic glory in the best kind of imagery that will grab the attention of your customers. I don’t create content, I shoot for the artists, the creatives souls, those who build and those who craft.

I don’t want to pen you in with set packages, everything I shoot for small businesses and creative projects is charged at £125 per hour and Includes a consultation to chat through your ideas and plans, a Photography session based on your individual requirements and your images delivered online to the specifications that suit you and your vision.

So if you’re after more than just content then head to the bottom of the page and tell me a little about you!

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