Amazing Seaside + Festival Wedding

Oh my days! Daisy and Paul, what can I say? You two made my life with this wedding extravaganza. So firstly there was Mini Golf by the seaside and then a HUGE festival wedding party in the woods. No really, like a huge rave in the middle of the woods, it was intense!! So grab a drink, sit back and have a bit of this!

I met Daisy and Paul in a pub after they decided to book me. We had a drink and a good chat and that was that. Time flew and so we caught up again in the same pub but this time we got some food. Now, I don’t know if its because I used to be a chef but I think that there is no better way to get to know someone than when you eat with them. I guess the old sayings are the best; Break bread with someone and well, something good comes of it, or something like that. Whatever, it’s true. People who eat together get on and we did! We ate and talked and drank and talked and before you know it the night was upon us and it was time to go.

Mini Golf and a Norfolk Wedding

I arrived at the seaside on a stunner of a day, sun beaming and deep blue blanketed the sky. Daisy and Paul had got married with their close family by their side and now it was time for some fun. I met them as the men were getting the ice-creams in. After the iced treats had been demolished we made our way to Pirates Cove in Great Yarmouth. The BEST mini golf around! Daisy and Paul insisted that I play and who was I to say no to minigolf. Also, the dude at the counter wouldn’t let non-players around the course so it made sense too! We all made our way around the course and let me tell you now, a minigolf course makes for a killer background when shooting a post-wedding jolly!

It was all going swimmingly, everyone was having fun and we were coming to the end of the round. On the last hole, the hardest hole, Daisy’s mum throws down an outlandish hole in one to finish the day on a high. We all made our way to the pub for a pint and to tally the final scores. Guess who won? ME! Yea,h that’s right, play to win every time! Daisy and Paul’s family had another drink whilst we all went to the beach for a walk on the sand, what a day.

Bradmoor Woods Wedding

The second day in Daisy and Pauls mega wedding was to be held at Bradmoor Woods. This absolute gem of a place is near North Norfolk and if you ever go, it’ll knock your socks off, it did mine! I turned up on the morning of their second day and the woods were fresh. Dew lay fresh on every blade of grass and the trees were alive with the sound of all kinds of creatures waking up. This included a hut full of people prepping for the day ahead.

I met with Paul and he sorted me a drink. I then took my tea and wandered through the trees to get to grips with the location. My initial thoughts were that I had chosen the wrong footwear entirely. I had opted for my nice suede wedding shoes when in fact I would have been better in my usual summer choice; my feet! The ground was wet with dew but that didn’t matter. The dappled morning light flickered through the trees and as I wandered I knew this was going to be an incredible day.

The entire place is a huge campsite and Daisy and Paul had managed to put up a huge Morrocan tent. This thing was beautiful, it was styled in the most gorgeous way too! The area was buzzing with activity, people running here and there doing little jobs to help the whole thing come together. Some people were in huts getting ready, some people were cooking and an open fire blazed under the warm autumnal sunshine. Daisy and Paul had chosen separate huts to get ready in and I flitted between catching all sorts of little moments.

Beautiful Late Summer Wedding

After a while, the time came for Daisy and Paul to head to their ceremony. It was to be held under a beautiful flower arch in an opening full of their closest friends and family. Children ran among the trees and ferns and people chatted but when daisy stepped out with her bridesmaids the woods were still. A beautiful ceremony was held and as it came to an end Daisy and Paul turned and walked through a cloud of confetti and the joyous cheers of all their guests.

Norfolk Wedding Photographer

People mingled, people drank and stories were told. Once everyone had enjoyed a couple of drinks and had a good chin wag they were called to the tent to be fed. Now, this part of the day will stay with me for a long time. This is because I have NEVER had short ribs like these before! These things were INCREDIBLE. They fell from the bone and were tender as anything I’ve ever had but the best bit was the rub. GOOD GOD, they were tasty. It took me a little while to get back to reality after just being sat in front of a fire eating these ribs like some daft ginger caveman. Amazing times!

Anyway with food eaten and speeches spoke it was time for a good old knees up. The music played, the smoke machine smoked and the lasers danced through the tent and I had a blast. Daisy and Paul you absolute legends, HUGE love and thanks for having me. P.s Brides and Grooms if you ever want some kick-ass Vietnamese food at your wedding give these two a tinkle. Their food is something else!



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