Drew and Rachel, such a cool couple of humans. They were married at the gorgeous Caister Hall Hotel, which happens to be just two minutes from my house! Win! Anyway, I headed to their house to see what the girls were up too and shoot some bridal prep. I love this part of the day, no morning is ever the same and its always good fun! After all the girls were ready, Rachels dad turned up. Rachel was welcomed back into the living room where dad and the girls were taken aback at just how beautiful she looked.

I took off after this and made my way the Caister Hall. Arriving to meet Drew waiting patiently for his bride-to-be. Rachel arrived and a sweet, family ceremony followed. The registrar is a friend of the family so it made the ceremony extra special. After declaring their love and sealing the marriage with a kiss, these two came with me ( and a master of ceremonies ) to shoot some photos. This, of course, wouldn’t do. The ceremony over, there was no need for a Master of them. So we shook off the 4th wheel and shot some awesome, non-chaperoned stuff instead. Sweeeeet! Afterwards, there were dangerous garden games and some lad pretending to be a cowboy.

So, drew and most of his family and friends, it seemed, are boss musicians. As a tribute to his little bro they decked out a room with instruments, People played all day and night! An awesome idea and a great tribute. Drew and his pals even performed ‘Tenacious D, A Tribute’ and I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. What a performance! Anyway, food, speeches and cake happened then it was time for dancing! Stone Soda (an awesome band) performed and kicked ass all night with Rachel, Drew and all their F+F having the time of their lives!

Take a look and give them some love!

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