Dorset Wedding - Alice and Rachel

So, I am typing this now after just receiving a really nice message from a guest at this wedding. I have been working a mega week this week having 5 weddings in 8 days and haven’t had much time for eating/admin/grooming let alone blogs. However, this message made me all happy inside and so, with fresh memories of this day in my head, I feel like a blog post.

Alice and Rachel live on the other side of the country to me and we ‘met’ when Alice entered an annual competition of mine. She didn’t win but went on to book anyway. Wow! Am I glad she did? After months of waiting, I packed my bags and made my way to sunny Dorset. I arrived in the rain, dropped my bags and went for a pint!

The next day I made my way to a stunning farm set upon the hillside. Alice was getting made up and the farm was getting some last minute decorations applied. Lawnmowers carried Hay, cows mooed, flowers crept up marquee poles and a busy farm transformed into a gorgeous wedding venue.

Alice made her way to Bridport for the legal bit, Rachel arrived they were wed in a lovely ceremony. After they exited to a storm of confetti and champagne we decided to try for a trip to the beach. A little drive later and the three of us were buffeted with gales from the English channel, we turned and fled back to the farm.

Party Time

Hundreds of guests, a mariachi band and confetti canons greeted us. After some short speeches, everyone settled into the festival vibe and enjoyed the incredible, varied food vans. Tacos, Pizza, Ice-cream, Crepes and a charming little Oyster bar. People danced, children played, Laughter filled the air and It was a dream to photograph.

What followed was a huge party with beer pong, bonfires, oyster naps, tequila, incredible dancing. Two more bands, lots more pizza, the longest game of fetch ever, more tequila, some light up shoes, a rainbow cake, sparklers, and a wedding I was gutted to leave. Especially as I decided to drive home that night. Dorset to Norfolk is a rough drive after such an amazing day.

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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