Cley Windmill Wedding - Jack and Judy

Well, what can I say about Jack and Judy? Well for starters, they’re ace! I met them at a time in our lives where things were changing. My wife was pregnant, Judy was pregnant. It was a busy summer ahead! Living in Norfolk and being a Wedding Photographer I get excited by certain venues. So when Jack and Judy told me about their wedding at Cley windmill, I was over the moon.

The plan! One bride, One groom, one baby boy, one dog and a handful of the family in a windmill. Specifically the gorgeous Cley windmill, on the North Norfolk coast. I mean really, it’s like Jonathon Creek with added Norfolk charm and fewer murders. It’s set in a tiny but very beautiful village on the North Norfolk coast. Streets lined with colourful houses and flint walls creating a setting like no other. Anyway, back to this gorgeous wedding.

The wedding day arrived and it was another big blue sky kind of day. Cley windmill looked a picture in the bright sunshine. An intimate ceremony followed and after that, we had the chance to get out into the sunshine and go explore the village. Wow! What a unique little haven.  Character, charm and the best, smoked products around. After our Jaunt through the flint lined streets, we headed back to the windmill for a lovely little, candlelit meal and an evening of talking, drinking, eating and family times followed. What an incredible day. Love you guys! xx

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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