Flint Room Wedding

Clover and Tom - A Flint Room Wedding

Clover and Tom - Flint Room Wedding

Yeah! This is the stuff! An epic city wedding with style to spare. The Flint Room playing host to Clover and Tom’s stunning ceremony with an Indian feast to follow. Complete with DJ, dancing and lots of fun!

A windy start, I arrived with Clover and her family and friends at her family home. Tom and the groomsmen had the pleasure of being entertained by James Powell, an awesome photographer who came along for the ride on this one.

We had an ace morning, Clover’s family home is something special indeed. Art adorns the walls, mostly painted by Clovers exceptionally talented mother. Paintings, sculptures, feltwork and more, this place was the perfect setting for Clover to get ready for her wedding. The prosecco flowed, the girls laughed and we had a great morning. I want to give a huge shout out to Natalie at WildFolk Flowers. Her incredible creations arrived mid-morning and absolutely blew me away! If you’re getting married and want flowers, give Natalie a shout.

Flint Room Wedding

Clover and the girls made their way to The Flint Room in the back of an old Land Rover, proper job! They arrived, the sun breaking through the clouds and strolled into the Flint room to wait for their walk up the aisle. The Flint Room, formerly called St John Sepulchre sits at the head of Ber street and as you head inside, Trish and Lesley have turned this old, magnificent church into a stylish, vibrant, city venue for wedding ceremonies. A real gem.

After the ceremony and drinks reception, I took Clover and Tom for a quick drive to the Plantation Gardens for a wander and some chill time before heading back for a feast and dancing. The weather held, we laughed and we made it back, refreshed and ready for a party. A magic March day in the fine city. One of my faves for sure! Huge love and Congrats C+T x


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Holkham wedding photographer

Jen and Rob - Holkham Beach

Jen and Rob - North Norfolk Adventures

The weather. It is, at times, a frustrating beast. It can squash the very best of plans as a photographer but we learn to use all weathers to our advantage. Grey is easy, nice flat light. Bright sunshine is good, great in fact. Especially for striking, contrasting portraits in the city amongst architecture and shadow. Golden, evening light is the one, it creates so much, it’s what photographers live for. So with light grey skies above the North Norfolk coast and a sea haze looking imminent, I looked for light at Holkham.

Holkham Wedding Photographer

I met Jen and Rob at a local pub for a drink and a catch up before their shoot. We talked through plans for their beautiful Norfolk Mead wedding later this year. After a gin or two, we all made our way to the beach. Arriving under calm but grey conditions we walked toward the forest that lines the entrance. I figured we’d spend some time playing rounders with pine cones and stick whilst I wait for some light to peep through the grey. Laughs and giggles carried through the pines and as I thought about the warm summer ahead I tuned to see the sun glimmering through the clouds. A good sign of things to come.

As I mentioned, the weather can be a little testing at times but I am secretly glad of that. It gives one the chance to witness nature. As we had been walking in the woods, storm clouds had begun to form inland and the light clouds and haze over the sea began to melt away allowing the sun full reign over the sky. It lit up the beach and cast a deep blue colour onto the stormy clouds. Warmth to the west, storms to the east and a milky, dreamlike light out to sea. A glorious evening for Jen and Rob to spend on the beach!

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All about Engagement Sessions

What are Engagement sessions?

Well, they are brilliant little days out or nights in, wonderful adventures with your soul mate. A trip to the beach, a day at the fair or lunch and a stroll through the city. Even pizza making at your place. (see the last photo) All that and more. An engagement session is a great idea to consider before your wedding and can be pretty much anything you want it to be. They typically last from 2-4 hours and can be anywhere you want them to be. If you don’t have anywhere in mind I’ve written some ideas below and don’t fret if you can’t think of anywhere, I know heaps of amazing places crying out for a lovely couple and a photographer. Read on for more info and tips on your Engagement session

'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken'

'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken'

Do we need a session?

 Yes! Well, no but I would definitely suggest having one. Firstly, they are so much fun but there are many more plus points for having one. They are a fantastic way of getting to know your photographer better. Whether you’ve already booked your photographer or want to find out more about them an Engagement session provides an incredible insight into how a photographer works and what you can expect from them on a wedding day.

 Flipping that coin, they are a fantastic way of giving your photographer an insight into you two. Your photographer will find out how you both connect and how your bodies communicate with one another.

They’ll get to see how you are as partners, and how you react with one another and all of this gives your photographer a huge head start when the wedding arrives.

 Another huge plus is you will be able to get used to the camera being with you. Now, in a world of constant clicking and snapping of cameras, it’s actually still quite daunting to have a professional camera there with you. It’s my job to help you relax and forget all about that oddness! Trust me, before you know it, you’ll be laughing and joking and dare I say enjoying having your photo taken. You won’t even be thinking about the camera. Having this test run can help you realise that it’s actually not too scary so on the wedding day you’re much more relaxed.

'The fleeting hour of life of those who love the hills is quickly spent, but the hills are eternal'

'The fleeting hour of life of those who love the hills is quickly spent, but the hills are eternal'

That’s all amazing! We’re booked in, Now what?

Brilliant! So, you’ve booked your engagement session and now what? Well, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your session.

Location is everything, so before heading to your local park for engagement photos, think about what you really love as a couple and where you really want to be. Do you love your home and all the life you’ve shared there? Is this what you want to be reflected in your images?  Are you an adventurous couple who spends your weekends in the mountains or surfing or kayaking? Do you love walking the dogs on the beach? Going to the museum or your favourite bar? Whatever makes you, YOU! Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favourite activities. The idea is to reflect you and your relationship in these photos. Don’t settle for anything less than awesome! If you know of any disused airstrips, they’re always fun! Especially with Bikes!

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved

Anything else?

Use the light!

So, certain times of the day that are better for photos and that’s all because of the light! Golden hour, which is that beautiful time of day just before the sun sets is when you want to shoot if you’re looking for that velvety, golden light in your photos. As discussed above, the rain gives incredible light and so much atmosphere so don’t be afraid of it! You want to avoid early afternoon if you don’t like harsh light, the light is super harsh at this time. If you’re in the city then harsh light can be used as an advantage, it will give you striking angles and furious shadows to play with. Early, early morning light can also be magical, so you may want to consider a sunrise session where you arrive at your first location just as the sun starts to rise.

Wear something you’re comfortable in.

This is mega important. You’ve got to feel good. If you choose clothes that are too tight or require constant adjustment then you might feel flustered and this will come across in photos. Choose outfits that make you feel amazing whilst still feeling relaxed.  As much as you consider how your engagement outfits make you feel, think also about how they’ll photograph during your session. Try to compliment your partner but don’t match, unless you’re going for the Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum look. Whatever you wear, you’ll rock the shoot, just be you! If you’re a jeans an tee couple, do that. If you want to get fancy, go for it. A little side note; If it looks like rain then don’t be afraid, embrace it. Bring some wellies and a brolly and jump in the puddles! If you want some more ideas then check out this amazing blog post from Junebug Weddings.

Above all, have an Engagement session for you! Have one because you love each other and life is too short not to do fun stuff like this!

So If you feel like you want one, CLICK HERE.

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Lake District Elopement

Esther and Rod - Lake District Elopement

Lakes District Elopement - Esther and Rod

Lake District Elopement

Any opportunity to return to the North gives me great joy. Even more so when I get to shoot with wonderful people in exquisite surroundings. Them people, fellow wedding photographer Esther Wild and her wonderful family. Those surroundings, The Lake District. This stunning Elopement of sorts was the perfect getaway into the hills. A really special day for Esther, Rod and their beautiful family.

I say elopement of sorts as Esther and Rod are already married. They were celebrating 10 years married and so, with their children along for the ride they decided to Elope/renew their vows/celebrate their anniversary all in one. Esther brought along some Norfolk Talent in the form of flowers by the incredible Swaffham Florist and a gorgeous cake from the wonderful Amber from Love Wedding Cakes.

I love the Mountains

I arrived and got settled into my home from home. This place always settles me, makes me feel again and after a packed summer, seeing my mountains again made me happy. I love the Mountains. I made myself a brew and then I checked in with Esther and Rod at their Cottage. We made plans for the following day and I returned to my place. The following morning I was met with the usual Lakeland weather and with a smile, I set off to meet Esther and co. We travelled in convoy to the shores of Wastwater, the deepest lake in England and one of my favourite swim spots!

Wastwater, the perfect swim spot.

Today was not a day for swimming though, it was quite cold. Today was a day for love, laughter, family and happiness. We walked, we laughed and skimmed stones. You have to skim stones when you’re at the lake right? The kids played on the shore and Esther and Rod watched on with love in their hearts. It was a beautiful start to the day. We made our way further down the lakeside toward the wonderfully quaint Wasdale Head Inn. Grabbing a quick bite to eat and a pint we chatted all about life and what not, you know, pub talk. What Esther and Rod didn’t know is that me and the kids were making up some vows for them to read by the lake on the way back.

We finished up and slowly strolled back toward the lake. As we were driving back we noticed a stream leading into the Lake and decided to stop. After a minute of umming and arrring, I decided to drag Esther and Rod into the middle of the stream onto some rocks. You know, anything for the shot right?! A short walk later and we were on some headland leading into the lake. The kids gave their Mum and Dad the vows me made and we held a mini-ceremony. Esther had made some petal confetti so the kids chucked that with all their might then it was time for champagne!

Herdy the Herdwick

This is where the day ended, on a real loving high. As Esther and her family made their way off the headland, the cloud had started to swirl around the mountain tops. This made for an awesome black and white shot packed to the rafter with atmosphere. An incredible end to a super cute day. There was even time for a little visit from the local Herdwicks on the way back to the car.

Anyway, this place and this shoot is just too beautiful for my amateurishsh ramblings. I’m gonna let the photos talk now. Let me know what you think in the comments! Xx

Want to book your own amazing Wedding? Fill in the contact form and let’s create some incredible memories. For now, let me know what you think and show these two beautiful humans some love in the comments! Xx

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Daisy and Paul's Festival Wedding

Amazing Seaside + Festival Wedding

Oh my days! Daisy and Paul, what can I say? You two made my life with this wedding extravaganza. So firstly there was Mini Golf by the seaside and then a HUGE festival wedding party in the woods. No really, like a huge rave in the middle of the woods, it was intense!! So grab a drink, sit back and have a bit of this!

I met Daisy and Paul in a pub after they decided to book me. We had a drink and a good chat and that was that. Time flew and so we caught up again in the same pub but this time we got some food. Now, I don’t know if its because I used to be a chef but I think that there is no better way to get to know someone than when you eat with them. I guess the old sayings are the best; Break bread with someone and well, something good comes of it, or something like that. Whatever, it’s true. People who eat together get on and we did! We ate and talked and drank and talked and before you know it the night was upon us and it was time to go.

Mini Golf and a Norfolk Wedding

I arrived at the seaside on a stunner of a day, sun beaming and deep blue blanketed the sky. Daisy and Paul had got married with their close family by their side and now it was time for some fun. I met them as the men were getting the ice-creams in. After the iced treats had been demolished we made our way to Pirates Cove in Great Yarmouth. The BEST mini golf around! Daisy and Paul insisted that I play and who was I to say no to minigolf. Also, the dude at the counter wouldn’t let non-players around the course so it made sense too! We all made our way around the course and let me tell you now, a minigolf course makes for a killer background when shooting a post-wedding jolly!

It was all going swimmingly, everyone was having fun and we were coming to the end of the round. On the last hole, the hardest hole, Daisy’s mum throws down an outlandish hole in one to finish the day on a high. We all made our way to the pub for a pint and to tally the final scores. Guess who won? ME! Yea,h that’s right, play to win every time! Daisy and Paul’s family had another drink whilst we all went to the beach for a walk on the sand, what a day.

Bradmoor Woods Wedding

The second day in Daisy and Pauls mega wedding was to be held at Bradmoor Woods. This absolute gem of a place is near North Norfolk and if you ever go, it’ll knock your socks off, it did mine! I turned up on the morning of their second day and the woods were fresh. Dew lay fresh on every blade of grass and the trees were alive with the sound of all kinds of creatures waking up. This included a hut full of people prepping for the day ahead.

I met with Paul and he sorted me a drink. I then took my tea and wandered through the trees to get to grips with the location. My initial thoughts were that I had chosen the wrong footwear entirely. I had opted for my nice suede wedding shoes when in fact I would have been better in my usual summer choice; my feet! The ground was wet with dew but that didn’t matter. The dappled morning light flickered through the trees and as I wandered I knew this was going to be an incredible day.

The entire place is a huge campsite and Daisy and Paul had managed to put up a huge Morrocan tent. This thing was beautiful, it was styled in the most gorgeous way too! The area was buzzing with activity, people running here and there doing little jobs to help the whole thing come together. Some people were in huts getting ready, some people were cooking and an open fire blazed under the warm autumnal sunshine. Daisy and Paul had chosen separate huts to get ready in and I flitted between catching all sorts of little moments.

Beautiful Late Summer Wedding

After a while, the time came for Daisy and Paul to head to their ceremony. It was to be held under a beautiful flower arch in an opening full of their closest friends and family. Children ran among the trees and ferns and people chatted but when daisy stepped out with her bridesmaids the woods were still. A beautiful ceremony was held and as it came to an end Daisy and Paul turned and walked through a cloud of confetti and the joyous cheers of all their guests.

Norfolk Wedding Photographer

People mingled, people drank and stories were told. Once everyone had enjoyed a couple of drinks and had a good chin wag they were called to the tent to be fed. Now, this part of the day will stay with me for a long time. This is because I have NEVER had short ribs like these before! These things were INCREDIBLE. They fell from the bone and were tender as anything I’ve ever had but the best bit was the rub. GOOD GOD, they were tasty. It took me a little while to get back to reality after just being sat in front of a fire eating these ribs like some daft ginger caveman. Amazing times!

Anyway with food eaten and speeches spoke it was time for a good old knees up. The music played, the smoke machine smoked and the lasers danced through the tent and I had a blast. Daisy and Paul you absolute legends, HUGE love and thanks for having me. P.s Brides and Grooms if you ever want some kick-ass Vietnamese food at your wedding give these two a tinkle. Their food is something else!



Want to book your own amazing Wedding? Fill in the contact form and let’s create some incredible memories. For now, let me know what you think and show these two beautiful humans some love in the comments! Xx

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Wedding Photography

2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? I can hardly believe that the year is done. I am more than excited for a bit of R+R. So, while my son sits with his sheep (best cuddly toy ever) and recovers from his 409th cold this year (thanks nursery) I thought I’d let you guys and gals into my 2018. A year filled with amazing people, super suppliers and awesome wedding photography.

This year for me personally has been tough but rewarding. Our son Hoops (a nickname that has stuck, firmly) has enjoyed a year full of colds, viruses, sniffles, snots and more thanks to his arrival at the nursery. He has, however, made friends and is developing quite the character so I can live with the 409 colds. Anyway, Despite his persistent snotface, his unending cheek and his terrible two tantrums, I am so very proud of him. My wonderful wife and I faced challenges with IVF and despite more heartache. We remain, with Hoops and Willow (the stupid Labrador) a happy little family and are very much looking forward to a happy Christmas. Now, onto the weddings!! Take a look at this little video round up and if you want to see all my favourite photos just keep strolling!!

Awesome Wedding Photography

What a year!

This year I have had the pleasure of shooting 20+ fun filled weddings all over the country. Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Cumbria and Dorset. I have had my fair share of luck with the weather, not too many rainy days at all which for a wedding photographer is a wonderful treat. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain but nothing quite beats a beautiful Norfolk Sunset! I’ve made some really good pals and seen some old friends head into the next part of their lives. It has as always been an absolute privilege.

2018 has thrown some incredible moments my way. Swimming (almost) naked in the sea with Becky and Tommy and the skinny dipping groomsmen. I have run into the sea with Lorna and Martin as the sun fell off the horizon on the longest of summer days. I have climbed mountains, crossed rushing rivers, been introduced to a father of the groom naked (him not me). Pissed about with a giant kite that nearly dragged me into the north sea, been the target for many bean bag games, ate fish and chips by the seaside, played in the arcades and won a round of mini golf. Eaten my weight in beef ribs, drank a fair amount of Tequila and had a LOT of fun.

Brilliant Weddings, good pals and great food

I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside some really cool wedding industry legends. Incredibly talented Makeup artists and Hairstylists make my early mornings bridal prep a dream. Always up for a laugh and always on top of their game. Caterers hold a special place in my heart. As an ex-chef I always find myself checking out what’s going on in the kitchens. A part of me will always miss that buzz of service but the photography has me hooked. Watching such awesome chefs kicking ass on the wedding scene is a treat and I have met some of the best this year! Check out my supplier page, some of the best in Norfolk on there for sure!!

I have worked with some cool as Photographers and Videographers this year too. Second Shooting for Louise Manning is always ace. An extremely talented woman and funny as fudge too! Running around a bride, groom and a landrover with two smoke bombs in my hand is a fond memory! Drinking some of the most expensive champagne (this northern monkey with ever get his hands on) in a random field with one half of Thompson and Granger films and Ash and Lexi was a definite treat. Also, James Powell running around looking like Dora the Explorer on the hottest day of the year is up there as one of the oddest things I have seen. Tom Brown was there doing his thing and the three of us had a good laugh! To be fair that entire day was ace! Working with other creative people is always a blast.

Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Amazing florists, super cool venues, a couple of magicians, some pretty sweet rides and some of the best bands and DJ’s I’ve seen have made 2018 hard to beat. The best way to end a wedding is with a band or DJ getting everyone on the dancefloor for mad antics! Aunt June kicking out some shapes with Uncle Derek doing the worm and everyone going crackers when the bride and groom end up on the bar dancing and drinking out of a Jeroboam of champers! I do love a good party!

Looking to 2019

I think that’s what sums up this year’s weddings. They have, for the most part, had a hell of a party atmosphere. Focused more on happiness and love and allowing the day to flow. This makes my job something I am really, really thankful for. I have the chance to see the very best of people and it’s great! So, to sum it up. I’ve had another incredible year with the best people and as I look toward 2019 I feel the excitement bubble up at the prospect of 25+ weddings with all manner of wonderful humans!

Brides and Grooms, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME! Honestly, you’re all ace and you’ve given me such a lot to be thankful for. You legends! Listen, I’ve rambled on enough. Whatever you end up doing this Christmas and into next year, do it with all of your heart. I mean really go out and kick some ass! Have fun, love each other and stay in touch! Tell me all about your favourite moment of 2018 in the comments below!

If you received something shiny this festive season then CONGRATULATIONS!! If you’re are struggling to know where to start then check out this awesome article from Junebug! 

Then give us a shout for some awesome photography! x


Love Josh x

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Godwick Great Barn

Lorna and Martin - Stunning Godwick Wedding

Lorna and Martin - Stunning Godwick Wedding

Can you believe it? Another awesome blog to show you. Now the weddings have stopped for winter I am typing away and getting stuff done! You all remember that incredible shoot I had with Lorna and Martin at Brancaster right? If not, you don’t know what you missed, get a look-see HERE!

Now you’ve caught up let’s begin. Lorna and Martin and a proper couple of cool dudes! Snowboards, Kites, bikes, Arty stuff and all-round awesome humans. They were getting married at Godwick Great Barn (one of my fave venues for sure) and I couldn’t wait to get going. First I nipped over to see the boys and spend some time with them while they got ready. We all then headed to Godwick via a mill. This place was special to them both and so it made sense to grab some shots there before getting to the barn.

Godwick Great Barn

I arrived and as Martin and the lads sorted some last bits and bobs out I went to meet Lorna. She was getting ready in the main house and wow that place is something else! A gorgeous property with heaps of rooms and a pool too. You know for them hot summer wedding days! Lorna had her make up done by the awesome Kirstie Barton and her hair was sorted by her pal Laura Hughes who is a hell of a hair stylist! With everyone sorted I headed to gather the girls at the bottom of the stairs so they could all get to see their pal looking 100 on her wedding day!

Lorna’s dad waited patiently in the front room for his daughter to come and say ‘hey’ before heading to get married. Ahhhh, I love a wedding ya know! We set off in proper Norfolk Country style. The wedding party and I hopped into a tractor-trailer, driven my Lorna’s brother. While Lorna hitched a lift on the back of her dad’s stunner of a motorcycle. What an Entrance!

Beautiful Godwick Wedding

The weather was perfect for the outdoor ceremony and Lorna and Martin and fam had done an ace job making Godwick look incredible. I waited in the gardens, next to a gorgeous geometric floral stand with Martin and his best man. The sun shone, Lorna and her dad walked the aisle and after a warm and joyful ceremony, Lorna and Martin were married. Confetti was thrown, cool beers were sunk and everyone enjoyed a stunner of a day.

Everyone went inside when it was time for some food. There were some ace speeches and then it was Tractor time once again. We all jumped onto the back of the tractor and went speeding off up into the sunset filled fields. Champers in hand, Lorna and Martin enjoyed some chilled time together. We took some pictures, we drank some bubbles and enjoyed a stunning sunset before heading back to the barn to party!

Dancing, Dancing and more Dancing!

I love a good party and this one did not disappoint! The band kicked in, and Lorna’s brother set the pace. If you know farmers then you’ll know what I mean. This guy had the moves for sure! Everybody followed suit and so with props, booze and happiness this night was FIRE!

Thanks for having me you gorgeous things!! Xx


Super suppliers

Dress – Brides by Solo

Food – Carway-Roe

Flowers – Arranged my Bride Blooms from Bramble Flowers

Band – Version One

Video – Apetr

Make-up – Kirstie Barton

Hair – Laura Hughes and Lucy Furguson

Want to book your own amazing Wedding? Fill in the contact form and let’s create some incredible memories. For now, let me know what you think and show these two beautiful humans some love in the comments! Xx

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Waxham barn Wedding

Waxham Barn Wedding - Becky and Tommy

Waxham Barn Wedding - Becky and Tommy

Hey all! Before we get into this amazing Waxham Barn wedding let me take you back to Becky and Tommy’s ‘pub crawl’ pre-wedding shoot. Soak it in and then get back here for this incredible day!

The day started with me arriving at a cottage on the Norfolk coast to meet Becky and her girls! They were in fine spirit and enjoying a super chilled morning of make-up, ribbons, flowers and booze! (The flowers, by the incredible Rambling Rose Florist.) Standard bridal prep stuff ya know! The morning flew and before I knew it Becky’s surprise transport turned up in the shape of a VW Camper. Nice little touch indeed!

Waxham Barn Wedding

Becky arrived with her bridal party and a stunningly colourful ceremony began. Multi-coloured ribbons hanged from beams and lanterns, balloons and bunting kept everyone’s eyes leaping around the room. Becky and Tommy were married and rapturous applause rang around the room.

Walking out into the baking sunshine everyone enjoyed cool beers and tequilas, we then did a couple of group shots. Becky threw her flowers to a huge crowd and I nearly fell off some scaffolding! WINNING! A huge Mexican feast, more Tequilas and some mega speeches followed and then the bridal party and I went to the beach!

Skinny dipping?

Yep, you read that correctly. On the way to the beach, I told a story about how I always end up in the sea when I am at Sea Palling. This got the topic of a potential swim up. Other people within the party were known for their willingness for nakedness (Bobby) and with that, half of the bridal party ended up in the sea. Naked, in the sea, in the beautifully warm summer sun.

Yours truly remained professional with his boxers half on and well, an epic little half hour of prosecco fueled madness was enjoyed.

A wonderfully helpful family of campers provided some fresh towels for people. Everyone got dressed, thanks were given and so we all headed back to PARTY!! The Collective kicked in and we all partied into the night. Nothing better than a good old knees up on the Norfolk Coast with good pals eh! Take a good look at these and then share with your pals. Xx