The lead up to the day was the same as any other…Nope, that’s a lie. So, usually, I would plan to meet my couple before the wedding to discuss the final plans. I arranged to meet at Bex and Kev’s local. It wouldn’t be too busy we could have a good chat and get things sorted. WRONG! We had, without knowing, arranged our quiet meeting on the local pub’s Ska night. We talked through things, then shouted through things, had a few beers and listened to some ska. Good night!!

 The wedding day arrived and I set off to White Dove Barns. Arriving with a little chill in the air I organised myself and made my way to meet Bex and the girls. Knocking on the door I could hear that the fun had already started and as the door opened I was met with Laughter and happiness. The entire party getting ready with some fizz and food already on the go. The most amazing flowers lay all around in a flawless mix of cool winter colour.

 After some time with the girls, I went to meet the videographer. I had known of Thomas Brown and knew his work was fantastic so I was looking forward to meeting him. I met him as he set up and we made our way back to the girls. Working with a videographer is a great experience. It’s nice to pick up another perspective on weddings as a professional and it was nice to talk through techniques and share wedding anecdotes.

 The morning passed and with the ceremony approaching me and Mr Brown went to see the groom and the boys and spent some time with Kev as he got ready. I said my ‘good lucks’ to the boys and wandered back to Bex to get some final shots before the ceremony. Bex looked AMAZING in the dress from Pure Brides. I knew her dad was heading over so we were able to get some first look shots and WOW! The reaction I got was just perfect!

 A sweet and elegant ceremony followed and then Bex and Kev were married. In the time that B&K got married the heavens opened and it rained, like, A LOT and I started my plans for indoor photos. I made B&K aware and they weren’t too bothered. I kept an eye on the skies and at the first gap in the rain I dragged everyone out for some confetti shots in the most splendid light. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when my couples are brave and awesome. Its ace when they want to go play in the stunning light that lingers in the aftermath of a hard rain. After another little rain myself, Tom went for a wander with B&K to get some shots of them just with each other.

I always try and get my couples away from the wedding for 15 minutes. It may sound odd but with a wedding being sometimes super overwhelming it’s nice for the couple to get away from it all and just spend some time with each other.

The rains came and went throughout the day so food and speeches were welcome by everyone and after a good feed and some top class speeches, it was time to tick off a shot Bex had had in mind since we first discussed her wedding. I couldn’t wait for this one. I gathered together the people who seemed up for some fun in the cold and together with B&K and Tom we all made our way to a quiet part of the grounds with some GIANT sparklers. A confetti tunnel is one thing but a giant sparkler tunnel is on another level! Two rows of tipsy (drunk) wedding guests and fire, what could go wrong? After a false start on the lighting of sparklers and a retry, we were go.

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Video genius – Browns Films

Venue – White Dove Barns

Dress – Pure Brides

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