Beeston Manor Wedding - Amy and James

Those who know, know. Your boy Josh was born in the beautiful North of England. I have many fond memories of my childhood in Lancashire and I have kept up to date with some ace old friends. One of which is the wonderful Amy-Lou who got in touch about me shooting her wedding. Safe to say I was chuffed to bits that she wanted me there!

A trip up North

I made my way up to Bolton and dropped in on my dad for a quick visit prior to shooting. It turned out Amy’s hubs-to-be lived about 200 yards from my dad’s so easy peasy groom prep right! I met James and he and his groomsmen got ready. They were all dressed in their army get up and we all had a good laugh. Beers and bacon butties ate, I said my ‘see-ya-laters’ and made my way to Amy’s parents to get some bridal prep.

It was lovely catching up with Amy’s parents, I hadn’t seen them in years so after a quick chat about how much I had grown I got to work. I was shooting alongside Lee, a bloody ace video dude and a great guy to boot. We had a really good morning with Amy and Co and before we knew it the transport rolled in and it was time to be off.

Beautiful Beeston Manor Wedding

I made my way to the gorgeous Beeston Manor in Preston. As is the norm in the North it began to rain, typical. Now when I say rain I mean RAIN! No bother at all as Beeston Manor is a beautiful place come rain or shine. To be fair, when good people get together in good places, good stuff always happens. It never really matter what the weather does. It’s fun regardless!

The ceremony room was beautifully decorated and as I made my way to the front there was an air of nervousness and excitement. The ceremony began and it was a stunner I was a little nervous as with the weather playing up the confetti could have been difficult. My nerves were well misplaced as after the ceremony the room was made available for the confetti throw. James’ groomsmen lined the aisle to form a guard of honour and the rest of Amy and James’ family filled the gaps. Everyone was ready and so Amy and James set off. They walked through thrown confetti, raised swords and a confetti canon or two. What a way to start the party.

Beeston Manor Wedding Photography

The day was filled with laughter and happiness. As everyone mingled and told their tales and drank their drinks Amy, James and I went for a little drive. We managed to get a small gap in the rain on the driveway and had some fun in the light rain. Making our way back inside to find cover we were called in for some food! As the wedding party ate, Lee and I went to the bar. We ate and had a good chat over a beer and before long it was time to head back upstairs for some speeches and some magic.

Zander magic worked the tables and wowed the guests until it was time to dance! The party kicked into high gear and with photobooth hats on the wedding party showed everyone how to do it! Backflips, sword fights, some of the best and worst dancing I’ve seen in all my time as a wedding photographer. A great night and a fantastic wedding. Congrats you two! Xx

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