2018 Highlights

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? I can hardly believe that the year is done. I am more than excited for a bit of R+R. So, while my son sits with his sheep (best cuddly toy ever) and recovers from his 409th cold this year (thanks nursery) I thought I’d let you guys and gals into my 2018. A year filled with amazing people, super suppliers and awesome wedding photography.

This year for me personally has been tough but rewarding. Our son Hoops (a nickname that has stuck, firmly) has enjoyed a year full of colds, viruses, sniffles, snots and more thanks to his arrival at the nursery. He has, however, made friends and is developing quite the character so I can live with the 409 colds. Anyway, Despite his persistent snotface, his unending cheek and his terrible two tantrums, I am so very proud of him. My wonderful wife and I faced challenges with IVF and despite more heartache. We remain, with Hoops and Willow (the stupid Labrador) a happy little family and are very much looking forward to a happy Christmas. Now, onto the weddings!! Take a look at this little video round up and if you want to see all my favourite photos just keep strolling!!

Awesome Wedding Photography

What a year!

This year I have had the pleasure of shooting 20+ fun filled weddings all over the country. Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Cumbria and Dorset. I have had my fair share of luck with the weather, not too many rainy days at all which for a wedding photographer is a wonderful treat. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain but nothing quite beats a beautiful Norfolk Sunset! I’ve made some really good pals and seen some old friends head into the next part of their lives. It has as always been an absolute privilege.

2018 has thrown some incredible moments my way. Swimming (almost) naked in the sea with Becky and Tommy and the skinny dipping groomsmen. I have run into the sea with Lorna and Martin as the sun fell off the horizon on the longest of summer days. I have climbed mountains, crossed rushing rivers, been introduced to a father of the groom naked (him not me). Pissed about with a giant kite that nearly dragged me into the north sea, been the target for many bean bag games, ate fish and chips by the seaside, played in the arcades and won a round of mini golf. Eaten my weight in beef ribs, drank a fair amount of Tequila and had a LOT of fun.

Brilliant Weddings, good pals and great food

I have been lucky enough to have worked alongside some really cool wedding industry legends. Incredibly talented Makeup artists and Hairstylists make my early mornings bridal prep a dream. Always up for a laugh and always on top of their game. Caterers hold a special place in my heart. As an ex-chef I always find myself checking out what’s going on in the kitchens. A part of me will always miss that buzz of service but the photography has me hooked. Watching such awesome chefs kicking ass on the wedding scene is a treat and I have met some of the best this year! Check out my supplier page, some of the best in Norfolk on there for sure!!

I have worked with some cool as Photographers and Videographers this year too. Second Shooting for Louise Manning is always ace. An extremely talented woman and funny as fudge too! Running around a bride, groom and a landrover with two smoke bombs in my hand is a fond memory! Drinking some of the most expensive champagne (this northern monkey with ever get his hands on) in a random field with one half of Thompson and Granger films and Ash and Lexi was a definite treat. Also, James Powell running around looking like Dora the Explorer on the hottest day of the year is up there as one of the oddest things I have seen. Tom Brown was there doing his thing and the three of us had a good laugh! To be fair that entire day was ace! Working with other creative people is always a blast.

Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Amazing florists, super cool venues, a couple of magicians, some pretty sweet rides and some of the best bands and DJ’s I’ve seen have made 2018 hard to beat. The best way to end a wedding is with a band or DJ getting everyone on the dancefloor for mad antics! Aunt June kicking out some shapes with Uncle Derek doing the worm and everyone going crackers when the bride and groom end up on the bar dancing and drinking out of a Jeroboam of champers! I do love a good party!

Looking to 2019

I think that’s what sums up this year’s weddings. They have, for the most part, had a hell of a party atmosphere. Focused more on happiness and love and allowing the day to flow. This makes my job something I am really, really thankful for. I have the chance to see the very best of people and it’s great! So, to sum it up. I’ve had another incredible year with the best people and as I look toward 2019 I feel the excitement bubble up at the prospect of 25+ weddings with all manner of wonderful humans!

Brides and Grooms, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME! Honestly, you’re all ace and you’ve given me such a lot to be thankful for. You legends! Listen, I’ve rambled on enough. Whatever you end up doing this Christmas and into next year, do it with all of your heart. I mean really go out and kick some ass! Have fun, love each other and stay in touch! Tell me all about your favourite moment of 2018 in the comments below!

If you received something shiny this festive season then CONGRATULATIONS!! If you’re are struggling to know where to start then check out this awesome article from Junebug! 

Then give us a shout for some awesome photography! x


Love Josh x

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