Joe and Sharna - Flippin' brilliant Norwich Wedding

I first met Joe and Sharna at James and Gabi’s wedding last year. An ace day with ace people. I ended up shooting some bridal party stuff in a field and out of the blue Joe decided to throw himself into the wheat/barley in full suit. So, when they enquired I knew their wedding was going to be something amazing!

Awesome Norwich Wedding

Day one started with Sharna getting ready at home with her family and friends and the very talented Flamingo Amy doing her thing! As the sun beamed down outside a beautiful blue Chevy arrived to take Sharna to the Castle. Yep, that’s right a Castle.

Ceremony done, confetti thrown and off we went but not before ice cream. I mean, it’s 47 degrees (i am ginger so 15 extra degrees is about right) and it’s a wedding so why not. Joe, Sharna and I then climbed into the Chevy and made our way to the Playhouse bar for a pint or two before a wander through the city! Norwich is one of the best places to just wander, so much history and beauty in one place.

After some waffles at the waffle house (obvs), day one was almost done. Well, it was done for most of the wedding party but for me Joe and Sharna there was more fun at the beach to be had. After all the shooting was done we stopped at the end of the pier with Sharna’s parents for a beer and a chat. Days like this remind me of just how lucky I am to do this for a living.

Day one ended as summer rains began. I said my goodbye’s and after a long but wonderful day I dropped my gear on the shore and strolled into the calm sea at 9 pm for a swim. Nothing like late summer swims in the rain. A beautiful way to end the day.

Day two

Norwich Arts centre hosted. Grosvenor’s chippy did the food. There were some ace speeches, even better photos! Josh (not me) did the tunes and there was some definite nakedness! Everyone got pissed and it was an incredible night! Oh and I ended up waiting for a taxi at 2 am with the brother of the following week’s bride. MADNESS!

This wedding was something else. Another ace day with ace people. Thanks Joe and Sharna you legends! Xx

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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