Augusta + BenjaminNorth Norfolk Coastal Wedding

Loving this wedding! Like proper loving it! Augusta and Benjamin managed to plan this day from all over the country, oh, and across the pond too! Having roots in Canada, studies in Edinborough, these two wonderful people ended up tying the knot in a stunning North Norfolk Wedding.

The day started with a somewhat moody look to things. The clouds were heavy and ready to let loose at any moment. I arrived at the boy’s lodging and found that there were a few sore heads in the mix. Kegs, empty glasses and other boozy leftovers confirmed my suspicions and it seemed a great night was had by all! The weather kept quiet as I spent a bit of time with the boys. Games of Hearts, tales of bad keg opening decisions and the most long-winded way of tying a tie I’ve ever witnessed made for a great start to the day!

After a good morning with the boys, I went to spend time with Augusta and the bridal party. Rain was still on the cards so I drove on with crossed fingers and toes. Walking into the most beautiful little cottage I was met with a very smiley group of bridesmaids and a super happy bride. Whilst shooting the bridal gang the heavens opened. Thankfully, it was a short but heavy shower. As we made our way to the church the clouds parted and gave us some sunshine.

The wedding, held in the most amazing light in a beautiful church was stunning. A real coming together of two families. Ceremony done it was outside for GIN! The Gin Trap Inn providing a gorgeous and unique Gin Truckle. Thankfully the weather was holding after another heavy shower while we were in the church. I’ve always found that my favourite light comes just after rain. This time was no different. Portraits are a dream in ‘after rain’ light. Then to top all things off we headed to my favourite view in Norfolk then to Brancaster beach. Oh my GOD just take a look at the light!! This session made my day.

We slid off to the Gin Trap for food and drinks and a good old Ceilidh. The food was fantastic, the Gin was lush and the dancing was something else.

Fun times ahead! Get in touch and let’s create something awesome!


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