Ashley and KatherineThe Priory Barn

This one has an odd beginning and a wonderful ending. A fun, happy loving wedding which for me almost didn’t happen.

I met Ash on the side of the road. I was in a foul mood having just purchased a car that had broken down in a spectacular fashion. Locking me and my wife in the car in the middle of the road with no power. Thanks, Citroen, please stop making cars, you’re not good at it.

Anyway, Ash and the AA to the rescue! We got chatting and stumbled onto the topic of work and he mentioned he was getting married so of course, I gave him a card. Ash sorted the car out and I managed to get home. That was that for a while.

Ash and Katherine, getting married in near Bedford booked someone a bit closer and Ash got in touch to let me know. We bumped into each other at the wedding of one of his colleagues that I was shooting. We chatted and I wished him the best with his wedding. Well after all this, their photographer they booked relocated to South America I think. More fool him. Ash and Katherine booked in the end and got the privilege to shoot their gorgeous wedding.

There was more than one wedding to be held on this day, apparently, some posh couple got married in Windsor. We didn’t care, we had gorgeous sunshine, a wonderful family and a very special mid-wedding Christening to enjoy!

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